Won't budge

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Booty Enhancing Seaming

Strategically placed seaming to visually lift and round your booty Shop now

Won't go see through

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Two Leg Lengths

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CLIQUE compression tights aren't basic leggings. They've been designed and crafted to:

✔ Improve blood flow to the muscles - perfect during and after your workout

✔ Stay up during high-intensity exercise

✔ Provide full coverage during squats, lunges and while bending over

✔ Aid recovery by helping to rid the body of unneeded metabolic substances - essential for optimum metabolic activity

✔ Offer ultimate support.  Ankles and calf muscles are supported with graduated compression from the ankles up, and a supportive high waistband makes sure they don't budge

✔ Fit perfectly - no matter the size. CLIQUE compression tights are available in Tall fit (designed for women 5'9" and over) and Short fit (5'8" and under) and are available in sizes US2(AU/NZ6) - US14(AU/NZ18)

✔ Lift and round the booty with strategically placed seaming

✔ Provide a flattering and comfortable fit