Upcoming CLIQUE Events

LiveFit Health & Fitness Festival
Sat 21 – Sun 22 March, 2020 
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Clique Pink Ribbon Event
May 2020
Details TBC

Clique Fitness Pop-Ups

Clique Fitness Pop-ups are held on the second Saturday of each month. Locations vary and will be updated as they are booked. If you're the owner of a gym or space and would like to hold a pop-up, please take a look at the dates below and send us a message through the form. 

Sat 14th March - Venue TBC

Sat 11th April - Venue TBC

Sat 9th May - Venue TBC

Sat 13th June - Venue TBC

Sat 11th July - Venue TBC

Sat 8th August - Venue TBC

Sat 12th September - Venue TBC

Sat 10th October - Venue TBC

Sat 14th November - Venue TBC

Sat 12 December  - Venue TBC



Host a Clique Pop-Up